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Obsidian Shell Homepage
(click the image to go to the official home page!)

Soon, M.A.R.S. will feature an awesomely mind-blowing symphonic metal sound track composed by the Hungarian band Obsidian Shell!


Searching for a soundtrack for the trailer of M.A.R.S. and for M.A.R.S. itself, we discovered Obsidian Shell on Jamendo. We asked them for permission to use one of their tracks in our trailer. Henrik said well, yes, you may use our music and coincidentally we’re just creating some chip-tune metal tracks which would perfectly fit to a game like M.A.R.S.! Incredible!

Why Obsidian Shell?

“Obsidian is a black mineral with a light purple shade. Shell is protective magic in fantasy. So they can be considered as a black armor. But why this exactly? Well, the idea came when I noticed that wherever I am, whatever I do, listening to my songs completely detaches me from this world. I’m riding the tram, plowing through the Budapest smog, and yet, with my earphones on listening to Elysia makes it completely different. Like I was just a spectator from outside, protected from everything. Then my battery dies, the armor disappears, and I’m back again in the cruel reality. That’s why it’s Obsidian Shell. – Henrik”

What’s that, symphonic metal?

You can explore their musical style with the following player. For more details you should visit the Official Homepage. You can support this great band by buying their tracks from Amazon or iTunes! But you can listen to all of their songs on Jamendo too.

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