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Topic: Serveral small things
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Serveral small things
on: November 18, 2011, 21:18

Yeah instead of thinking of new modes, I’ll just mention here some small easy-to-progam changes which would improve the game’s fun especially in Multiplayer:

1. Base immunity: Just switch a player to immune against attacks (or at least to their knockbacks!) when he landed at base. It’s kinda annoying when u go back to switch weapons and u just get several knockbacks and have to land again.
Of course, this should not apply, when you hold the remote.

2. Maximums of Frags:
100 in TDM and even in DM is waaaay too low. It’s reached pretty fast when you got 10 bot on the screen.
Same occurs in SpaceBall, 20 Points is too low.
Just switch the limits to 1000 and 50, but keep an eye on the usability, ppl hate it when u have to maneuver the mouse really overaccurate just to set the limits onto their wishes.

3. Weapons:
FLUBBA: Is a bit too strong, because the slimy Balls disappear too slow. Just add a parameter which lets them diminish with the time. Think of strategies: A TDM could just be won by all taking this gun and spraying on the enemy planet – a deadly mist is created. You cannot leave it. Additionally you can easily produce walls to stop the Ball. This might lead to abuse.
ROCKnLOL: Absolutely useles against human players. Must get stronger.
WTFLAMER: Pretty useless, the damage is too low. Compared to other weapons useless. (Yes i saw that damage increases when u get nearer, but its still too low!)
FIST OF ALI: Most useless weapon ever. Make it’s damage to infinite, that would balance it.
SHOTGUN: Damage is slightly too low.
ROFLE: Great weapon. Strengh is balanced buy its requisite of accuracy. Ability to shoot through Slimeballs or Bubbles undamped would be even greater.
H2O-MG: Great weapon. Growing a bit too strong with increasing bubble speed.

4. New Parameter: “Planet Occurency”: The higher, the more planets are on the map. Would be nice if this would be adjustable.

5. New Option: “Fair playing field”: Add an option which places planets fair between the teams. E. g. add a center of point reflection to the middle of the screen which reflects planets. -> a fair playing field is created. Maybe you find a better way.

6. New Option: “Friendly fire disabled”: self-explaining

7. Boosts:
HEAL: Will be too strong in players vs players, the heal amount and its range are humongous.
FIRE WALL: Is too weak, like WTFLAMER. Increase its damage.
SHOCKER: Nice balanced.
FREEZER: Hm… Don’t like it, cause it hits friends as well.
BLAST: Is okay, completely counters enemies with WTFLAMER.

8. Voice: Wtf. The most deranging thing I’ve ever heard. Really ridiculous.

9. Stars: Losing all of them on death is hard. Make it losing half, rounded down.

Yeah, I sure think this is enough for now.

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