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Development of M.A.R.S.

Since M.A.R.S. is free software, its source code is released under the GPLv3 or later, its media is released under various Creative Commons licenses, you may download it’s source code, modify and improve it as much as you like. This page will give you some links which will come in handy, when you want to contribute to M.A.R.S.

Feature requests and bug reports!

You spotted a bug or want to have a new feature? Discuss it in our new forum!


Some time ago, we asked for translations of M.A.R.S. This was really successful, resulting in many different supported languages. But if you’re speaking a language which isn’t included yet, you can easily translate the game!
There is a list of all current translations in the forums. Please refer to this list and post your plans over there!


If you have some artistic skills you may create sound effects, music, textures (like ships and planets) for M.A.R.S.! We would really appreciate to include it in the next version. This should be released under a creative commons license. If you want to have some feedback by other users, you can post your work in the associated forum.

Source Code!

If you have got some experiences concerning C++, you can help by improving the code or adding new features! How this is done, you’ll learn in our forum.
The code can be downloaded from our Download Section


In order to conatct the developers of M.A.R.S., you may write an E-Mail to, or you can join us in the freenode IRC network!

Roadmap for the development of M.A.R.S.


Version 0.7 has been released and contains a variety of new features:

  • new graphics
  • new music
  • significantly improved AI
  • 8 new translations
  • support for left-to-right-languages
  • new weapons
  • new specials
  • a new game mode: Grave-Itation Pit
  • game pad support

Version 0.7.1 has been released, with the missing languages and some bug fixes:

  • bug fixes
  • incomplete translations

Version 0.7.2 has been released, with the missing languages and one new language: Thai. And some bug fixes:

  • bug fixes, mainly ATI
  • incomplete translations
  • new Translation: Thai

Version 0.8 will be the last alpha version, with development focus on network gaming:

  • network mode
  • bug fixes
  • maybe new translations

Version 0.9 will be called “Beta”, it will be feature freezed and only for bug fixing:

  • bug fixes
  • maybe new translations

Version 1.0 will be the first “stable” release of M.A.R.S. … afterwards, well, we’ll see ;)

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